Is the White House Actually Haunted? Check Out these Ghost Stories from Pennsylvania Avenue



1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the official street address for the White House. The historic home has housed every United States president since the John Adams was in office in 1800. As far as American homes go, few are more historic. What many people don’t know is that few U.S. homes are reported to be more crowded with the souls of the undead. Where are these reports coming from though? And is there any REAL evidence that the famous home is in fact haunted?

Ghosts of First Ladies

According to one legend, Abigail Adams, who was the very first First Lady to reside in the home remains there in spirit to this day. There are reports that Abigail Adams can be seen hanging laundry to dry in the East Room. She is not the only former First Lady that is reported to be haunting the White House. Dolley Madison, wife of president James Madison has also been reported to have been seen in ghost form in the house. Madison, who is credited for designing the Rose Garden while her husband was president, is said to have returned to stop the garden from being removed years later.

Those are just two of the many accounts of hauntings taking place at the White House. The Rose Room, which is commonly referred to as the Queen’s Bedroom, is reported to be the most haunted room in the home. There, the spirits of everyone from Andrew Jackson to Abraham Lincoln are reported to be haunting the room.


Ghost of Abraham Lincoln

Visitors and residents alike have reported seeing the ghost of Abraham Lincoln walking around the grounds of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Both Eleanor Roosevelt and Grace Goodhue reported seeing Lincoln’s ghostly apparition in the Lincoln bedroom. In addition, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands stated that while staying the night at the White House, she heard Abraham Lincoln knocking on her bedroom door. (We’re not exactly sure what it was that made her think the know was his.)

Are the White House Ghost Stories True?

Many believe that hauntings are brought on by deaths that involve trauma and strong emotion. If you’ve read any number of ghost stories, you’ll find that most are linked to unfortunate events. It seems that ghosts do not take up residence just anywhere. They most often choose to haunt locations where they perished or where some type of event took place. The White House no doubt meets the “conditions” for not only one haunting, but many, so while this does not provide evidence, it does provide an optimal scenario for ghosts to appear.

While most of the evidence is circumstantial, there are plenty of White House ghost photos online. With so many tourists passing through the home each year, it stands to reason that some of them would capture paranormal photos if the home is indeed haunted. Interested in reading additional ghost stories from the White House? Read Ghosts of the White House or Who’s Haunting the White House? You may also want to check out this article from the History Channel ( website: Ghosts In the White House.


Man Captures Incredible Photo of Ghost Walking Through a Graveyard



Of all the places that one might expect to see a ghost, a graveyard ranks very highly on the list. A graveyard is exactly where one Reddit contributor was when he captured to ghost photo shown here. The photo appears to show the ghostly figure of a man, possibly walking through the graveyard. Upon closer inspection, the face appears to be looking in the direction of the photographer. While this is merely speculation, one thing is for certain – the pale, blueish face certainly does not appear to be the pallor of a living, breathing individual.

Reddit user, Bertnz, is the individual who is credited with taking the photo. He had the following to say about the ghost photo:


“Hi all Im new to all of this mainly just a lurker. After reading u/such_karma ‘s story of seeing a face that appeared to be a pale blue and had dark holes for eyes it reminded me of this picture that I took 10 years ago on a windy rainy night at a local cemetery. It was with a basic digital camera that id already had for some years in 2006. Im no expert at photo editing so unsure on how to do a zoom in on the face in the picture but everyone id ever shown it to has always agreed that its surely a face. Im interested to see what you guys an girls think. Heres the link Cemetery face. face is on the left in photo.”


While the photo is clearly not of the best quality, there is no denying that something out of the ordinary is there, and that something does resemble a face. The proportion does seem to be a bit off, with the size of the head being large in relation to the headstones. But then, do ghosts follow the rules of human body size after they’ve departed this life? There are no “rules” to be followed, so there is no one to say that a spirit has to be a specific size. Real ghost photo or photographic error of some kind? Post your opinion below!

Interested in seeing other incredible ghost photos? If so, check out the Ghosts on Film series. Written by Troy Taylor, “the author takes an in-depth look at the controversial and mysterious history of spirit photography, including a look at the mediums and scientists who pioneered the field and the most famous pictures that allege to be ghosts captured on film.” The Best of Ghosts Caught on Film: The Paranormal and Supernatural Caught on Camera series are excellently researched using a variety of sources, including both historical and first-hand accounts, and of course the author’s own thorough paranormal investigations.


Ridgeway Chronicles Chapter 2: “Wake Up Mark!”



As mentioned in Chapter One, the Ridgeway home was rented to my cousin and her husband after my parents moved out. They too would report strange disturbances in the home. While I did not encounter these events first-hand, they are worth repeating, and I feel that I can do it with enough accuracy. After all, we’ve been rehashing these events over and over throughout the years, so I do feel that I can recollected well enough to pass the details along.

There are actually two occurrences that I would like to cover here. The first involves voices in the wall. My cousin’s husband at that time was a congenial guy, one who liked to joke around, but was certainly not known as a prankster or jokester. Knowing his personality, I was surprised when he phoned my cousin one day while she and I were together, claiming to be hearing voices in the walls of the Ridgeway home. He claimed that the voices started off sounding like a conversation between two people, but later sounded like more.

He placed the phone directly to the wall so that we could listen in, and sure enough, we could hear the sound of many voices. The voices did not sound menacing, but instead lively and happy. In truth, it sounded as though a party was taking place within the walls, as crazy as that sounds! I would have sworn that I heard glasses clinking, as though there were a toast taking place. We did, of course, accuse her husband of playing a joke on us. It was the obvious thing to do, but he never did admit to playing a joke and held to his story throughout all the years to come.

The second story that I wish to add to these chronicles involves my cousin. At the time they lived in the home, she was frequently claiming to be feeling a presence. One day, she started telling me of how she was hearing whispering in her ear during the early morning hours while she was still asleep. At the time, she was not able to make out any of the words. She only knew that there was a voice very close to her ear and it was loud enough to cause her to wake up (quite scared, of course).

whispering-in-earOne day, she phone me, frantically recounting the most recent event. As was frequently happening, the whispering in her ear had taken place, but this time the voice was louder and more clear. “Wake up Mark!” She said the sentence was clearly heard and demanding. Obviously, she had no idea who Mark was and verbally announced that to the room. “Who is Mark?” Complete quiet. No response (although I’m not sure she was really hoping there would be one).

In the days that followed, the whispers would die down (no pun intended). It is often said that it takes quite a lot of energy for a ghost to show itself or to make itself known. If this is true, it could have taken a lot for the ghost to tell her to awaken Mark (or Marc?). My cousin and her husband did not live in the Ridgeway home much longer after that. Their reason for moving was not entirely the haunting, but it did factor into their decision to move to a new home within the same town.



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