Guide to Conducting a Successful Ghost Hunt


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Believers in the paranormal often want to capture proof of the existence of ghosts. The best way to go this is by conducting a ghost hunt in homes or areas known for their high levels of paranormal activity. While learning how to conduct a ghost hunt, keep in mind that you should never visit a location with permission. This includes cemeteries, homes, and abandoned buildings.

paranormal-investigation-4-1Before setting out on a ghost hunt, be sure you have all of the equipment needed to capture proof. A camera is a must, if you hope to catch a visual image. There has been much debate as to whether a digital camera or standard camera is the best choice. If you cannot decide, take both. A video camera is another great choice, as still images do not always tell the story in a way that video can.

If you hope to capture EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena) you will need a tape recorder. You should also have a thermometer, to detect temperature fluctuations, and a EMF (electromagnetic field detector). There are other ghost detecting devices on the market, but these are the basics.

Once you arrive at your location, use the EMF detector to get a baseline reading. This will allow you to know if the electromagnetic levels around you rise. You should take readings periodically throughout your ghost hunt. If the levels rise, this potentially means that a ghost is near. You should immediately begin to film and take pictures.

You should also obtain a baseline temperature reading, and watch for changes throughout your ghost hunt. Ghosts are said to draw energy from the atmosphere in order to manifest, thereby dropping the temperature in a given area. This is why many people report a cold chill just before witnessing a ghost. If the temperature drops suddenly and drastically, take as many photos as possible, as this is likely an excellent time to capture a ghost on film.

rosslyn chapel - 00.08 am to 00.54 am (57)At some point during your ghost hunt, you may want to take the time to capture EVP’s. During an EVP session, everyone should be sitting down, and be as still as possible, as not to create any excess noise that could be picked up by the recorder. Once you are settled, begin to ask the ghost questions. Pause long enough in between each question to allow time for the recorder to pick up any response. Some professional ghost hunters claim that you should only speak in a friendly tone, while others use a method of provoking. Whichever you choose is up to you.

You will not capture ghostly images or voices on every ghost hunt. However, if you are persistent, as well as professional in your efforts, it is likely that you will eventually capture some amazing evidence.


Ghost Hunters on SyFy: Should the Show Be More Exciting?


After watching the comments posted to the Ghost Hunters on SyFy Facebook page for the past few months, I thought it was time to address what has become a common complaint: Ghost Hunters has become predictable and boring.

Apparently not everyone agrees with this, as Ghost Hunters on SyFy was just picked up for an 8th┬áseason, and averaged a million viewers each Wednesday night during this past season. It’s clear that people are watching, but are they liking what they see? Based on some of the Facebook comments, no.

Some posters claimed that “Ghost Adventures” was now their favorite show, because of how exciting it is, and how much evidence is captured. But is it real? If ghosts were that active, and that easy to capture with recording devices, would we still be looking for proof? If Ghost Adventures was so credible, could we not just call this whole case solved, and move on to proving that aliens exist?

I am skeptical of any paranormal show that catches amazing evidence each and every time. Ghost Hunters on SyFy has stayed true to it’s roots. A few of the cast members have changed, and they have experimented with new equipment, but the methods and belief system have remained in tact.

If Jason and Grant were to suddenly start capturing images of full body apparitions in every nook and cranny, I would know that they had buckled under the pressure, and sold out for the sake of ratings. I do expect for my jaw to occasionally drop, and my heart to race, during some of the episodes, and it does. To me, objects moving, or a particularly clear EVP are enough to make this happen, because I believe that this type of evidence is believable, and therefore impressive.

I will be watching Ghost Hunters until it is canceled. I do believe that slowly but surely, people will begin to jump ship. Hopefully that will not be for several more years. For seven years Ghost Hunters on SyFy has given me a reason to look forward to Wednesday night. Hopefully I will be able to continue this for a while longer.