Top 6 Interesting Facts About the Bermuda Triangle


Scientists and paranormal experts alike have been studying the Bermuda Triangle for 72 years now. The tales surrounding the triangle do not stop at only disappearances. Sea monsters, UFO’s, ghosts, and more have been reported within the confines of the area. With so many years of exploration and investigation behind us, what exactly do we know about the notorious triangular area? Here are ten interesting facts.


1. It’s also called the Devil’s Triangle.

When talking about Bermuda Triangle, we’re really referring to an area in the Atlantic that is located between Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico. This area is also referred to as the Devil’s Triangle.


2. The mystery of Flight 19 was never solved.

Five bombers departed from Fort Lauderdale in December of 1945. The group flew into the Bermuda Triangle and disappeared. There were 14 pilots in total and none were ever located. Even stranger, no wreckage of any of the five bombers was ever found.


3. The Flight 19 story is even darker than you knew.

A sea plane was dispatched to searched for wreckage from the Flight 19 disappearance. The plane, a PMG Mariner, also disappeared. It is suspected that the search plane exploded and killed the dozen crew members that were inside.


4. The single larges loss of life in Naval history took place in the triangle.

Many other disappearances have taken place since the Flight 19 mystery. Some of these involved planes, while others involved boats. There are also stories of disappearances that took place prior to Flight 19. One of these was the disappearance of the USS Cyclops, which went missing in 1918. Over 300 people were aboard and the event is recorded as the single largest loss of life in Naval history.


5. The theories behind the Bermuda Triangle can be quite strange.

There are many different explanations given for Bermuda Triangle disappearances. While many involve some form of the paranormal, others do not. For example, at least one person has linked the triangle with a machine that was located in the (mythical) city of Atlantis. UFOs and aliens are also often linked to the mysteries and disappearances that have taken place in the Devil’s Triangle.


6. Some disappearance mysteries were actually resolved.

In 2015, a US cargo ship disappeared not far from the Bahamas. Hurricane Joaquin was at least partly to blame for the disappearances. The vessel remained missing for over a month, but was eventually located thousands of feet below the surface of the ocean.

There are plenty of people who do not believe that the Bermuda Triangle holds any special power. Even so, the stories and legends surrounding the area continue to be shared and of all the mystical places on earth, the triangle remains one of the most interesting.



Is the White House Actually Haunted? Check Out these Ghost Stories from Pennsylvania Avenue



1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the official street address for the White House. The historic home has housed every United States president since the John Adams was in office in 1800. As far as American homes go, few are more historic. What many people don’t know is that few U.S. homes are reported to be more crowded with the souls of the undead. Where are these reports coming from though? And is there any REAL evidence that the famous home is in fact haunted?

Ghosts of First Ladies

According to one legend, Abigail Adams, who was the very first First Lady to reside in the home remains there in spirit to this day. There are reports that Abigail Adams can be seen hanging laundry to dry in the East Room. She is not the only former First Lady that is reported to be haunting the White House. Dolley Madison, wife of president James Madison has also been reported to have been seen in ghost form in the house. Madison, who is credited for designing the Rose Garden while her husband was president, is said to have returned to stop the garden from being removed years later.

Those are just two of the many accounts of hauntings taking place at the White House. The Rose Room, which is commonly referred to as the Queen’s Bedroom, is reported to be the most haunted room in the home. There, the spirits of everyone from Andrew Jackson to Abraham Lincoln are reported to be haunting the room.


Ghost of Abraham Lincoln

Visitors and residents alike have reported seeing the ghost of Abraham Lincoln walking around the grounds of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Both Eleanor Roosevelt and Grace Goodhue reported seeing Lincoln’s ghostly apparition in the Lincoln bedroom. In addition, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands stated that while staying the night at the White House, she heard Abraham Lincoln knocking on her bedroom door. (We’re not exactly sure what it was that made her think the know was his.)

Are the White House Ghost Stories True?

Many believe that hauntings are brought on by deaths that involve trauma and strong emotion. If you’ve read any number of ghost stories, you’ll find that most are linked to unfortunate events. It seems that ghosts do not take up residence just anywhere. They most often choose to haunt locations where they perished or where some type of event took place. The White House no doubt meets the “conditions” for not only one haunting, but many, so while this does not provide evidence, it does provide an optimal scenario for ghosts to appear.

While most of the evidence is circumstantial, there are plenty of White House ghost photos online. With so many tourists passing through the home each year, it stands to reason that some of them would capture paranormal photos if the home is indeed haunted. Interested in reading additional ghost stories from the White House? Read Ghosts of the White House or Who’s Haunting the White House? You may also want to check out this article from the History Channel ( website: Ghosts In the White House.