80’s Horror Movie Killers Making A Comeback


If you were a teenager or adult during the 1980’s, you likely remember the incredible horror movies that were released during that decade. Technically, it started with the original version of Halloween, which was released in 1978, but that would only be the beginning, with the original Friday the 13th being released in 1980. Those two are now classics, of course, but there are many more worth mentioning. Today, these movies are making a comeback, and horror fans are reliving the scares!

Michael Myers – Halloween


Let’s start with the aforementioned Halloween, starring a silent killer who appears to be killed off, but never truly dies. The original Halloween, along with Halloween II were huge hits, in part due to their believe-ability factor. Babysitter, serial killer, teenagers – all the makings of a horror movie. Fans of the movie were excited to hear that a new version of the movie (John Carpenter is one of the writers) will be released in October of 2018. We’re counting down the days!

Jason Voorhees – Friday the 13th


Friday the 13th follows some of the same formula as Halloween – silent killer stalking and killing teenagers. The movie was so popular that 11 sequels would follow the original. The rewatch-ability factor on this one is high, so really, Friday the 13th may not be making a comeback as much as it never truly died out. A 13th movie (haha, 13) was planned, but cancelled after the remake of the Ring (Rings) did poorly at the box office. Seems that fans of the franchise will just have to wait and see what’s next.

Pinhead – Hellraiser


When Hellraiser was released, there had never been a horror movie like it. To this day, there has never been another one like it (sequels of the original aside). The resurgence of Hellraiser has resulted in it being seen by an entirely new, younger audience. A total of nice movies were released, ending with the 2009 release of Hellraiser: Revelations. Those who are in the mood for binge watching some Cenobite gore will not be disappointed!

Chucky – Child’s Play


We’ve always known that dolls can be really scary, so the success of Child’s Play was only mildly surprising. Chucky, the foul-mouthed murdering doll. It comes as no surprise that he has never been forgotten and that Child’s Play is still actively streamed to this day. Some of the later releases of the movie provided a bit more comedy than scares, which might be why this one ended with only five sequels. Nonetheless, the original lives on in the hearts of horror fans and will continue to gain even more fans over time.

Freddy Kreuger – Nightmare on Elm Street


Being stalked and killed in your nightmares? Few things could be scarier than that. Like Hellraiser, this is another horror movie that is being seen by an entirely new audience. The Nightmare on Elm street franchise boasts a total of nine movies, each featuring Freddy Kreuger, yet each being quite unique. Of note is Freddy Vs. Jason, a movie in which Freddy does battle with Jason Voorhees. The movie could have been a disaster, but it was actually done well and is now a fan favorite! If you haven’t seen this one, you can click here to stream it.

Well-made horror movies will live on through the decades. Those who are fans of the genre will still be watching these movies far into the future (maybe in their flying car?). The movies and killers mentioned above are just a few of fan favorite. The genre has so much more to offer. Which killers and movies are your favorites? We’d love to know. Comment below!