Man Captures Incredible Photo of Ghost Walking Through a Graveyard


Of all the places that one might expect to see a ghost, a graveyard ranks very highly on the list. A graveyard is exactly where one Reddit contributor was when he captured to ghost photo shown here. The photo appears to show the ghostly figure of a man, possibly walking through the graveyard. Upon closer inspection, the face appears to be looking in the direction of the photographer. While this is merely speculation, one thing is for certain – the pale, blueish face certainly does not appear to be the pallor of a living, breathing individual.

Reddit user, Bertnz, is the individual who is credited with taking the photo. He had the following to say about the ghost photo:


“Hi all Im new to all of this mainly just a lurker. After reading u/such_karma ‘s story of seeing a face that appeared to be a pale blue and had dark holes for eyes it reminded me of this picture that I took 10 years ago on a windy rainy night at a local cemetery. It was with a basic digital camera that id already had for some years in 2006. Im no expert at photo editing so unsure on how to do a zoom in on the face in the picture but everyone id ever shown it to has always agreed that its surely a face. Im interested to see what you guys an girls think. Heres the link Cemetery face. face is on the left in photo.”


While the photo is clearly not of the best quality, there is no denying that something out of the ordinary is there, and that something does resemble a face. The proportion does seem to be a bit off, with the size of the head being large in relation to the headstones. But then, do ghosts follow the rules of human body size after they’ve departed this life? There are no “rules” to be followed, so there is no one to say that a spirit has to be a specific size. Real ghost photo or photographic error of some kind? Post your opinion below!

Interested in seeing other incredible ghost photos? If so, check out the Ghosts on Film series. Written by Troy Taylor, “the author takes an in-depth look at the controversial and mysterious history of spirit photography, including a look at the mediums and scientists who pioneered the field and the most famous pictures that allege to be ghosts captured on film.” The Best of Ghosts Caught on Film: The Paranormal and Supernatural Caught on Camera series are excellently researched using a variety of sources, including both historical and first-hand accounts, and of course the author’s own thorough paranormal investigations.



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