A Haunted House So Terrifying You’re Required To Sign A Waiver Before Entering


It should come as no shock to hear that haunted houses can scare you quite a bit. The truth is that they are setup for the sole purpose of having visitors pay to be scared. However, it isn’t every day that you hear about a house that is so scary and so disturbing that guests are made to sign a waiver before they can enter the door! Paxton Manor in Virginia is not only a haunted attraction; it is also an official historic site that is known for it’s ghosts and paranormal activity.

In 1872, the mansion known as Paxton Manor was built in the northeast portion of Leesburg, Virginia and known at the time as Carlheim. It was built by Pennsylvania resident Charles Paxton, after whom the house is now named. The structure is an impressive 20,000 square feet and was included on the National Register of Historic Places by 1979.

In the late 1800s, Paxton Manor was constructed in Leesburg, Virginia. At the time of construction, the manor was known as Carlheim. Charles Paxton, who was originally from Pennsylvania, is he individual that the manor is named after at this time. The home is over 20K square feet and was on listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the late 1970s.


Paxton Manor now acts as the home of the Margaret Paxton Memorial Learning and Resource Center, which is a non-profit resource for young children. Its secondary use is much more sinister. During October, as well as other times each year, Paxton Manor allows the general public to enter the home to go on ghost tours. The profits generated from the self-guided ghost tours go towards the resource center, so at least that part of the story is much less sinister.

“Shocktober” is one of the favorite events for ghost hunters and lovers of all things horror. However, it is the “My Bloody Valentine” event that requires all guests to sign a waiver before being allowed to enter. During this event, each guest is allowed to remain in the manor for thirty minutes, wandering around the dark hallways, not knowing who or what is watching them. Creepy clowns and demented dolls hide in the darkness, awaiting those who dare enter. The manor features over 30 rooms that can be explored during the tour. although many choose to exit well before making it that far.


Paxton Manor does allow official ghost hunters and paranormal research teams to visit. These teams can register for overnight access. Guests can also register to stay the night along with professional ghost hunting teams. With the haunted house props and setup scares aside, the home is well-known for being a truly haunted location, and this is one of the reasons why the haunted house events and tours are truly terrifying. The website does make it very clear that visitors must enter completely at their own risk.

If you’re interested in visiting the manor or registering for an overnight stay, click here. Have you been to Paxton Manor? Have any scary stories or ghost stories to share? If so, contact us! We might just share your story and photos on our site!