Ouija Board Use – Pros and Cons of the Mystifying Oracle

A Ouija board is different things to different people. Most individuals of Christian denomination will say that the Ouija is dangerous, and is linked to the Devil himself. Those that are pro-Ouija claim that great insight can be drawn from using this tool to speak to the dead.

The Ouija as we know it today was invented by Elijah Bond in 1892. It was originally intended to be only a game, and was marketed as such up until the time he sold the patent to William Field. During the time that William Field owned the rights, the game became a popular way to contact soldiers that had been killed in the first World War. Seeing the popularity of the game, Parker Brothers purchased the patent from Field, and they are currently still own all rights to it’s production.

The Ouija board works by opening up the subconscious mind first, and through that action, a portal to the other side is opened. One of the dangers associated with the use of the board is that users have absolutely no control over the type of spirits that can enter through an open portal. Since this can include the bad spirits, it is easy to see why many are wary of it’s use. These bad spirits have been known to lie to users, and provide false answers to questions that are asked.


Another possible problem is that the spirit may not depart when you are done using the board. Once you have opened the portal and invited them in, it is up to them whether to leave or not. If they do not, it is possible that you have opened yourself up to a haunting. If it is a bad spirit that refuses to leave, then a great deal of trouble could follow.

A common belief is that the Ouija pointer is moved by the subconscious mind controlling the hands of the users. However, there have been many reports of the pointer flying violently off the board, or spinning in a circular motion at high speed. It would be hard, if not impossible, to fake these things in front of another person.

Once concern that is shared by both those that are against the use of the Ouija, as well as those that like it, concerns use by children. The Ouija is advertised and sold as a game. Parents that do not fully understand the ways in which it can work may be more than willing to purchase this “game” for their children. Since children have such open minds, it is possible that they could be manipulated easily by the spirits they come in contact with while using the board.

The decision of whether or not to use this device is entirely up to you. If you do decide to use it, proceed with caution, and always be aware of the chance you are taking. Be respectful to the spirits, and when you are finished with the session, let them know that it is time to leave.


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