How to Capture Clear EVP Electronic Voice Phenomenon Evidence

Electronic voice phenomenon is often used to collect proof of the existence of ghosts. Many believe that this is and easier way for ghosts to make themselves known, as making an actual appearance requires much energy. In order to collect the best EVP’s, there are a few things you should consider before hitting the record button.

One mistake that those trying to capture EVP’s often make is talking in a whisper. Many people are inclined to whisper because they do not want their own voice to overpower the voice of a spirit. However, what this leads to is the inability to decipher what are human voices, and what are spirit voices when you play back the tape.

edison-webpageWhile recording, if you hear someone make a noise that could have been picked up on the recorder, note it by saying so aloud. Coughing, sneezing, walking, or bumping into things are examples of non-paranormal noises that can easily be mistaken for other things.

When possible, set the recorder down on a hard surface while trying to capture voices. Even the slightest movement of your hand will cause the recorder to pick up noise. If you are walking with the recorder in your hand, even the air moving past the microphone can be recorded. This type of sound can easily be mistaken as a ghost whisper.

EVP can be recorded with no prompting, but it is more frequently captured when you are speaking to the spirits directly. Do not ask if there is a ghost present. Assume that they are there, and begin your line of questioning. After each question, pause long enough to capture any possible answer.

Always use brand new tapes. It is possible for previous recordings to bleed through on tapes that have been used before. It may be extremely tempting to reuse tapes, especially if nothing of importance was captured on them, but you risk being the owner of false evidence, or even worse, tainting new evidence that you captured.

Electronic voice phenomenon is considered by many to be concrete evidence that ghosts do exist. With the right tools, and a little know how, even a novice can attempt to capture voices from the other side.


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