Are Spirit Orbs Actually Ghosts?

There is much debate as to whether or not spirit orbs are ghosts, ghost energy, or something else altogether. What the paranormal does agree on, however, is that they are energy in some form, and are considered to be benevolent in nature. The majority of orbs appear to be white in color, though other colors have also been reported.

Spirit orbs show up in many photographs. So many in fact, that this has caused them to lose some credibility in the paranormal world. Factors such as rain and dust can cause “orbs” to show up in photographs, and unfortunately, many mistakes these fake orbs for the real deal. So how does one know the difference? True spirit orbs appear to be brighter, and more solid. Also, they often appear to be in motion.

east_cem_many_orbs-1The most reliable spirit orb sightings are those that are witnessed via the human eye. Personally, I have visually seen orbs in flight on two occasions. Both times I was amazed to see an orb at work, and will admit to being startled, since such an event is quite rare. In comparison, I have captured many spirit orbs on film, and am including a photo of one I captured in motion while in my daughter’s room last week.

One constant with spirit orbs is that they make their appearance, and then are gone. While they do manage to startle many people, general reports associated with seeing them are not linked to any fear of danger or harm. One theory is that they might be angels. However, reports of angel sightings do not include anything remotely close in appearance to orbs. This theory is likely linked to the fact that spirit orbs are white in color, and are not menacing.

Since we know that balls of light do not simply form on their own, we are left to wonder exactly what is causing them. It is not out of the realm of possibility to suggest that there is a completely natural cause for them. Energy is all around us, and maybe this energy manages to manifest in the form of a ball of light. The problem with this theory is that orbs are generally seen in places that are reported to be haunted, and not just anywhere. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The debate about spirit orbs will likely continue on until someone can prove their cause. While they are associated with ghosts in the paranormal world, they are not actually considered to be a ghost. At the rate that technology is progressing, there is an excellent chance that we will be provided with answers about spirit orbs in the next few years.


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