The Four Most Common Forms of Ghosts

What are ghosts? The answer to that question will vary greatly depending on who it is presented to. For the non-skeptic, there are a lot of hypotheses to lend explanations to the countless numbers of recorded encounters that individuals worldwide have experienced since the start of documented history. Ghosts and hauntings are generally a reasonably common portion of living and the human experience. There seems to be various forms of ghosts or hauntings, and several theories offered up as explanation.

Traditional Ghosts

shadow ghost

The conventional opinion of ghosts is that they are spirits linked to the dead and have become stranded in between this worldly existence and whatever comes next. Some feel this is consequence of sudden disaster or trauma. Numerous ghost hunters and mediums think that such earth locked ghosts are not aware that they have died.

Also referred to as intelligent hauntings, these ghosts can be found in a type of limbo within which they haunt their death scene or places which were pleasing to them in life. Frequently, these forms of ghosts can communicate with the living. They seem to be at least semi-aware of the living and act in response to being noticed when they do materialize. Some psychics assert to be capable of communicating with these ghosts. This communication typically consists of trying to help the spirit comprehend that they are deceased and to go forward to the following phase of their existence.

Residual Ghosts and Hauntings

stairway ghostSome ghosts seem to be only recordings of the surroundings within which they one time existed. For instance, a soldier is observed on recurring occasions gazing out of a window where he at some point was standing guard. Or the laughter of a child who has passed away is heard in the room where she or he most often played. There are reports of ghost cars, airplanes and trains that may still be heard and even viewed, despite the fact that they are gone. These forms of ghosts don’t communicate with, or seem to take notice of the living. Their physical appearance and activities are constantly the same. They are often compared to a recording which can be played over and over.

Messenger Ghosts

These types of ghosts could very well be the most common. These spirits generally show up soon after their death, appearing to the individuals they were closest to while living. They seem to be conscious of the fact that they have died and possess the power to communicate with the living. They frequently deliver words of comfort to those they left behind, often saying that they are fine and not to grieve for them. These ghosts show up quickly and typically only one time. It seems as if they deliberately come back with to help the living deal with the loss.

Poltergeist Ghosts

poltergeist ghost

This form of haunting can cause intense fear due to the fact it has the greatest potential of impacting the physical world. Poltergeists are held responsible for mysterious noises, moving possessions about, turning on faucets, slamming doors, flicking lights on and off and much more. They have been known to throw objects and are even credited for touching people. The malicious poltergeists even hit and scratch the skin of the living. Poltergeists are considered by some to be demonic, especially when their actions and behaviors cause harm. For the skeptic, a poltergeist is merely a manifestation of the mind brought on by stressful circumstances.

Projections Of the Human Mind?

From the point of view of the skeptic (those which are willing to entertain the idea of ghosts and haunting at all) these events are caused by our own minds. In their opinion ghosts are psychological. Simply put, the think we see them due to the fact we anticipate to or desire to see them. Considering that we know so very little about the strength and potential of our own mind, it is feasible that the mind could generate physical manifestations, such as ghosts and disturbances. These may also not be seen by others. But are they real, or simply imagination?

Are ghosts real? We know for certain that the phenomena of ghostly interaction and haunted locations are considered to be real. The root cause is what presents and will continue to present a mystery.


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