Is Dead Time (or the Witching Hour) at 3 a.m.?

dead time

Opinion differs as to what specifically Dead Time is depending on who you ask. There are paranormal researchers who feel that 3 a.m. is the hour when paranormal activity reaches it’s high point. These researchers think that it’s the most lively time because one hypothesis is that Jesus passed away at 3 p.m., with the opposing time being 3 a.m. They believe that this specific time, because of this, has a tendency to be the favorite time of spirit activity.

Others don’t actually think the same way. Spirits are known to be active round the clock and there is no concrete evidence that 3 a.m. is any more lively than for instance, 1 a.m. or 5 a.m. Ghost hunting is carried out at night due more to practical and technical factors instead of a particular perception about a particular time. One practical factor is that paranormal activity occurs with more frequency at night. An example of a technical factor would be that darkness is more suitable for working with cameras, recorders and other instruments, particularly infra red & thermal imaging cameras. It’s much easier to spot potential manifestations, apparitions and anomalies in the evening, certainly, and in addition, evening is also more appropriate for an individual’s senses, the setting is more silent.

On the other hand, the dark of night can also alter your senses in an adverse or false way. Because all is silent, you are likely to pick up on the more subtle, ordinary sounds of a home or environment, those that are normally present at all hours, but commonly go unnoticed. In addition, the evening is typically cooler. The building materials used in homes and other structures swells in the warmth of the day and contracts in the evening, resulting in creaks, pops, and cracking noises. The noises can cause an inexperienced or amateur investigator to imagine they are caused by the paranormal. The low light conditions can play tricks with your vision, deceiving you into believing that you see shadows or other things that are not actually there.

dead time

There are other theories about Dead Time. Some feel that 3am is in fact the devil’s hour. They consider 3am not to be the hour when all spirits are stirring, but rather when it is only demons that are on the move. Again, they feel that because Jesus died at 3 p.m. then 3 a.m. is the opposing hour. Demons seek out means to defy Christ and therefore becoming most restless at the polar opposite 3 a.m. is what they delight in. And, more precisely, 3:33 a.m. is extensively thought to be the Witching Hour. Allegedly, 3:33 a.m. is the instant when the delicate film separating the two worlds is the most fluid, enabling the spirits to traverse between them easily.

So, what is the truth? There’s really very little evidence to support these theories other than people’s personal experiences. And while worldwide, many have reported personal experiences with anomalies occurring during the 3 a.m. Dead Time or Witching Hour, there are just as many experiences being recorded that occur at all hours, thereby asserting that spirits are ever-present.


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