What Happens To Ghost Hunters Now?

With Grant Wilson no longer a part of Ghost Hunters, Amy Bruni clearly about to be on medical leave, and Kris Williams no longer a part of the team, many are wondering: What happens to Ghost Hunters now? As SyFy’s most popular ghost show, many wonder how changes to the core team will not only affect ratings, but how (and if) they will change how the team actually hunts for ghosts. Let’s consider a few questions…


Grant WilsonHow does the loss of Grant Wilson affect the show?

Grant was clearly very professional and a likeable individual. He and Jason Hawes worked well together, and it is strange to see them apart. That said, Grant moving on does not seem to have greatly impacted the show. Grant Wilson fans will not want to hear this, but the show must go on, and it seems to be doing just that.



Kris WilliamsHow does the loss of Kris Williams affect the show?

Kris has actually been a part of Ghost Hunters International for some time. However, many Kris Williams fans hoped that she would return to the regular team. Kris recently announced on her blog that she would not longer be a part of Ghost Hunters in any form. Her absence may be more important than that of Grant. Not only did she handle herself well on investigations, she was one of the few female team members.



Zac BagansWill Ghost Adventures overtake Ghost Hunters?

Not likely. Ghost Adventures appeals to an entirely different type of audience. The show offers more of a “wow factor” but is not loved by those who are aware that ghosts do not make themselves available at any given time. Zac Bagans is not only overly dramatic, but his personality is too abrasive for many. Ghost Adventures will continue to have its own audience, while Ghost Hunters will retain its own as well.


How many seasons does Ghost Hunters have left?

As the longest running ghost show on television, it remains to be seen just how many more seasons of Ghost Hunters viewers will be treated to. It should be noted that many posts to the shows Facebook page reflects a boredom and negativity related to each episode closely resembling other episodes. Let’s face it. Ghosts are not easy to find, certainly not easy to prove (though some will argue that there is already enough evidence), and won’t be doing interviews anytime soon. At what point will viewers decide that they’ve seen enough? We’ll just have to wait and see.


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