Should You Believe In Ghosts?

For many, the belief in ghosts does not come until after they have actually encountered one. Others choose to believe due to the amount of evidence that has mounted over the years. Personally, I always believed on some level, but that belief was solidified once I had my first experience. Many years later when I moved into a truly haunted house, I would find that ghosts can be both interesting and terrifying.

Some choose not to believe in ghosts for religious reasons. This is perfectly understandable. I too have questions about why the soul would not have moved on to another place. Christian or not, I cannot ignore what I have experienced. Hundreds of encounters over the fifteen years I live in a haunted home cannot be brushed off and put out of my mind. Would I be such a staunch believer had I never experienced these things? Probably not.

Modern ghost evidence is impressive. If you wish to decide whether or not you believe in ghosts, consider this evidence. Some claim that it is impossible to prove their existence, while others think that the current evidence already serves as proof. I stand somewhere in between these two. Non-believers will have to be provided with some piece of iron clad evidence in order for the world to change its way of thinking. EVP’s, thermal images, and footage of object moving on their own may be enough for some, but not for others.

The decision to believe or not believe is entirely up to you. Maybe you will experience a ghost at some point in your life, maybe you want. It is now estimated and 2 out of 3 people now believe in ghosts. It is hard to imagine that so many people are reaching the conclusion that they do exists without having had an experience. If so, this statistic may be the most important support of the existence of ghosts.

To learn more, read my article: Are Ghosts Proof of Life After Death?

Do photos such as this provide enough proof?


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