Paranormal Activity 3 DVD Review

After not being overly impressed with Paranormal Activity 1 and 2, I did not hold out much hope for Paranormal Activity 3. It was not until I saw the movie being discussed and recommended on Facebook that I decided it was worth the investment. After all, as a self-proclaimed horror movie buff, how I could I not watch?

For starters, I will say that I do not like, nor will I ever like the fact that there is no logical explanation given for toting a video camera around and filming at all times. This movie does attempt to address this by having the main male character shoot videos for a living. However, that alone does not explain why he would be video taping he and his best friend carrying on a conversation. Maybe it’s just me, and everyone else could care less about logic so long as scares are in store, and there are.

This movie delivers some of the most unnerving movie scenes I have ever witnessed. These are provided via the mounting of a video camera onto what was once an oscillating fan. As the fan turns slowly from left to right and back again, so does the camera. You simply never know what you will see as the camera pans around each time, and each one of these scenes will leave you on the edge of your seat waiting and watching.

The story itself becomes a tad difficult to understand as it nears the end, but much of what you see during the movie is self-explanatory and will scare you. I’ll freely admit to jumping several times, and at one point even gave my partner an accidental elbow to the ribs. The “reality” genre of horror movies can be entertaining at times, and Paranormal Activity 3 delivers a lot of what horror fans want most – thrills, startles, and a decent storyline.


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