Scariest Ghost Hunters Episodes

Ghost Hunters has been providing paranormal fans with plenty of scares for seven years. About to enter into it’s 8th season, Ghost Hunters is the most popular ghost show on television. The following are the top five scariest Ghost Hunters episodes of all time in no particular order.

St. Augustine Lighthouse

Despite Steve’s fear of heights hindering the investigation, few other episodes provided the thrills and chills that the St. Augustine Lighthouse did. At one point, a ghost appears to be looking over the stair case railing, and directly at the Ghost Hunters. This event was extremely exciting, as fans of the show did not have to just take their word for it, it was clearly captured on film.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Waverly Hills was an excellent choice of locations to visit, and this place did not disappoint. When you visit a location in which 63,000 people died of tuberculosis, it is hard to imagine nothing would happen. Something did indeed happen, and Jason and Grant were able to capture what appeared to be a full bodied apparition passing through the hallway going from one room the the next. This is the stuff we paranormal fans love!

Eastern State Penitentiary

Considered by many to be the all-time scariest Ghost Hunters episode, as the ghosts definitely came out to play on the night the Eastern State Penitentiary episode was filmed. Strange sounds and eerie feelings eventually culminated in the capture of video evidence that included a small, hooded figure running down a walkway. Try as they might, Jason and Grant were not able to debunk this piece of evidence at the time, and it remains unexplained to this day.

The Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation episode would have been scary even if nothing at all had happened. The creepy stories that surround this location, combined with the evidence provided by prior guests, is enough to give anyone the chills. Ghostly figures picked up on the thermal camera, and a lamp that moves by itself, are the highlights of the evidence caught that night. This episode is most definitely a Ghost Hunters classic.

Bird Cage Theatre

Former hangout of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, the Bird Cage Theatre has been reported as a highly haunted location for quite some time. Plenty of ghostly sounds are heard on the night the Ghost Hunters visited, but the best piece of evidence was in the form of video footage that showed a heavy cord that was draped over a bell on the wall actually lift itself up, and then fall to the ground. There was no debunking this event, no matter how many times you watch the video.

While this article is called the scariest Ghost Hunters episodes, this list represents only a small number of the truly frightening episodes that currently exist. SyFy, the network that carries the show, has free Ghost Hunter’s episodes that can be watched at any time online.


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