Shadow People: What Are They?

Reports of Shadow People sightings regularly come from all around the globe. Despite the fact that these sightings date as far back as ancient times, there is not much known about this phenomena. The following information is some of what we do currently know.

How Shadow People Can Appear

Few people report being able to view Shadow People straight on. Usually they are seen in one’s peripheral vision. However, there have been a few reports of people having these shadowy figures walk directly in front of them, and interact with them.

There have been many different reports as to their size. Everything from very small, to larger than a person, have been reported. One report that remains a constant is that they have no visible facial features. Some photographs show Shadow People that appear to be clothed in a hooded robe or coat, and in others, they do not appear to be wearing anything.

The Characteristics of Shadow People

The general consensus is that they are malevolent in nature. Shadow People sightings are often associated with feeling of fear and uncomfortableness. Additionally, some people have reported feeling extreme anger, agitation, and upset when they are present in the home. Because of the negative associations, many believe that they might be demonic in nature. Maybe not actually demons, but have at least some association with them.

Are Shadow People Ghosts?

Most believe that they are not. This is because the behavior patterns differ greatly. Many ghosts freely make themselves known when possible, while Shadow People lurk in the corners and appear to wish to not been seen at all. This is quite evident due not only to the sighting reports, but also the photographs they are captured in.

Most ghost sightings are associated with either a visual of a person, or at the very least, the feeling that the spirit trying to make contact was once human in form. This is not at all what people say about Shadow People. This could simply be the human perception that is based on the ominous appearance that they project. It is natural for people to view a dark figure as something that is not ghostly, especially since the majority of ghost sighting reports are linked to white, glowing figures.

So what are they then? We simply do not know. While they are certainly here for some reason or another, apparently, they do not wish to make these reasons known.


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