Five Scariest Little Known Horror Movies

Unless you do not have a job, and have all of the time in the world on your hands, there is no possible way that you, as a horror fan, can watch every horror movie that has ever been released. This means that you have likely missed some excellent frights. The following list contains the five scariest little known horror movies available today.

Dead Birds

Released in 2004, Dead Birds was not highly advertised, and certainly did not pack the theaters. I clearly remember combing my local Blockbuster back in the day, looking for my next horror flick, when I stumbled across this choice. I felt like I was taking a chance, since I had not heard of it at that time, but I was rewarded with a movie that actually scared me silly! Without giving the entire plot away, I will tell you that this movie is centered around creatures, but is not the standard creepy creature flick. It offers plenty of “on the edge of your seat” scenes, and plenty of screams and startles.

Night of the Demons

Not to be mistaken with the 2009 release with the same exact name, the original 1988 release of Night of the Demons is quite scary. Yes, it is the typical 80’s horror movie that contains teenagers going where they should no go, and doing things they should not do. However, the monster they meet up with, Angela, is more gruesome and terrifying than you can imagine! This is one of those movies where you find yourself wanting to get up and run like mad out of the house on behalf of the teenagers. This movie is cheesy in a 80’s horror movies way, but provides plenty of real scares.

Silent Night, Deadly Night

I was only fourteen when Silent Night, Deadly Night was released in 1984. Because of this, I was not able to watch this movie until I was older, and out on my own. If you are around my age, chances are you missed out on this movie as well. I do not think I even need to explain why it is absolutely disturbing to watch someone dresses as Santa Claus go around hacking people up. Apparently, some people enjoy this type of thing, as this movie spawned a whopping four more sequels!

Dead Clowns

The name of this movie alone is enough reason to watch it. Dead Clowns was released in 2004, and received virtually no press at all. I stumbled upon this movie completely by accident, and was of course sold on the name. Dead clowns that come back to life to kill and even eat people is the premise. If that does not scare you, nothing on this earth will.

The Serpent and the Rainbow

This movie received more press than the other movies previously mentioned, but was initially overlooked by many horror fans because, let’s face it, the name of the movie certainly does not strike fear in your heart. I was eighteen years old when The Serpent and the Rainbow was released in 1988, and bullied my boyfriend into taking me to see it. I have watched it several times since then, and each time find myself gasping for air. Why would I be gasping for air? I cannot tell you that, as it would be too much of a spoiler.

There you have it. The five scariest little known horror movies. All of these should be available on Netflix, so if you have a horror movie buff reputation to protect, I suggest you get busy watching!


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