Ghost Hunters: Season 7

The new season of Ghost Hunters begins Wednesday June 1 at 8/7c.

While reading Facebook comments, it appears that many have grown tired of this show because it does not provide that wow factor they are looking for. What these people fail to realize, is that over the top ghost shows such as “Ghost Adventures” are the way they are because they fake a lot of the evidence in order to keep people interested. I’m not saying they fake everything, but let’s be realistic here, some of their evidence is so good, it’s too good. With evidence like that, wouldn’t everyone concede that ghosts are indeed real, and move on?

True believers of the paranormal still enjoy Ghost Hunters, because we realize that the wow factor is to be found in the little things. I, for one, will continue to watch the show until it is cancelled, and I hope they stay true to their roots when faced with competition and dwindling viewership. Ghost Hunters has been a part of my Wednesday night ritual since Season One, and will continue to be.

The TAPS team travels to Hawaii with Josh Gates for a 1st time investigation of Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor – Ghost Hunters Returns-Season 7.


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